Bōnenkai @Izakaya ~ Japanese Drinking Culture (27 Dec.)

Japanese food & drink
Date: 27 Dec.
18:00 - 18:45 JST

This tour was conducted on 27 Dec. 2020.
Thank you so much for your participation! 🤗

Introducing the Japanese Izakaya Culture

Japanese people are usually reserved. But if there is one place to let loose and unwind, an Izakaya quickly comes to mind. The Izakaya is a Japanese style bar-restaurant with a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Written in Kanji as 居酒屋, this means: 居 - reside. 酒 – sake (Japanese rice wine or alcohol drinks) and 屋 - shop or restaurant. Here people can laugh loudly, enjoy good food, and drink to their heart’s content.

Often, it very difficult to be frank in Japanese business settings and communication may not be as straightforward. Inviting colleagues to an Izakaya gives everyone a chance to be more open, especially when there is alcohol involved. We call this Nominication. (nomu, meaning drink, plus communication) 😊

Common menu items include sashimi, kara-age, tamago-yaki, noodles, grilled meat or fish and many more. These shops also offer a wide range of alcoholic beverages.

Join our live tour to learn about the Japanese Izakaya culture. I will also show you how to order, serve sake and enjoy popular Izakaya dishes.

And guess what? We will be celebrating Bōnenkai (忘年会), which literally means ”forget the year” drinking session. And what a year 2020 has been! It’s time to forget your troubles and leave your worries behind. So why don’t you grab a drink when you join us virtually. Let’s start fresh and welcome a more prosperous 2021!

Tour Highlights:
  • Visit a Japanese Izakaya and experience the Japanese drinking culture
  • Learn how to order food and drinks and know more about dining/drinking etiquette
  • See the popular dishes served at a seafood Izakaya
  • Q&A

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