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Imabari Castle Walking Tour (21 Oct.)

Imabari Castle walking
Date: 21 Oct
9:00 - 10:00 am JST

Imabari Castle & Fukiage Inari Shrine Walking Tour!

The majestic Imabari Castle is one of Japan’s most recognizable buildings because of its impeccable design. It was built in 1602 by Todo Takatora, considered to be Japan’s greatest castle designers. Although he was commissioned to design the great castles of Fushimi, Edo, and Nijo in Kyoto, he designed Imabari Castle solely for himself.

The castle is located by the sea and features a unique 5-layered, 6-story donjon and seawater moat. Imabari Castle is one of Japan’s 3 major castles located by the sea and is one of “Japan’s 100 Best Castles.” It has three moats that strategically open to the sea so that arriving boats could have direct access to it.

At night, the castle exudes a mystic glow because of lighting designed to highlight its features. The warm colors illuminate the castle in the darkness, which are reflected by the moat to give it a majestic look.

Within the grounds you will find a picturesque corridor of traditional red torii gates that is part of the Fukiage Inari Shrine. These sacred structures hold special religious significance to Japan's ancient Shinto religion.

Tour Highlights:

  • Walk inside the Imabari castle premises, including the Fukiage Inari Shrine
  • Learn more about the Imabari castle features, history and significance
  • See the majestic view from the castle tower
  • Q & A

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