Walking tour

Imbe Bizen Pottery Village Walking (17 Oct.)

Bizen, Okayama
Pottery Village Walking
Date: 17 Oct.
12:00 - 12:45 pm JST

This tour was conducted on 17 Oct. 2020.
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Walking tour around the Imbe Bizen Pottery Village and learn about traditional Bizen pottery making

Imbe is well known as the place where Bizen pottery is made which is one of Japan’s six oldest forms of pottery, dating back a thousand years.

There are more than 100 potteries and galleries throughout the village. With its red brick chimneys and Bizen pottery roof tiles, the old townscape of Imbe evokes a unique atmosphere inviting visitors to witness how its artisans perform their craft.

Most of the wood used for the kiln is sourced locally and the soil in that area is very fine and rich in iron which gives the pottery their distinctive color. Visitors can go to the Bizen Pottery Museum to experience the creation of Bizen pottery. Here they can learn not only how to make Bizen pottery but also to appreciate the 250 masterworks on display which range from ancient pieces to contemporary designs.


  • Explore the hills around Imbe and the ambience of its rustic town with a local guide
  • See the the kilns and workshops around Imbe Station
  • A local guide's explanation on history and features of Bizen Pottery
  • We look into the shops for unique pieces at the Bizen Pottery Village
  • Q & A

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