Japanese Sake Brewery Museum Tour (23 Nov)

Sake brewery tour
Date: 23 Nov.
9:30 - 10:30 am JST

This tour was conducted on 23 Nov. 2020.
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Discover Sake Production from the #1 Sake Brand in Japan.

The Nada District in Kobe is well-known hub for sake production. Approximately 10% of all saké brewed in Japan comes from this region because of its pristine waters, the unique flavor of Japanese rice, the ideal climate, and generations of craftsmanship.

Take a peek at the artistry and passion behind traditional sake production. Founded in 1743, Hakutsuru is the #1 selling sake brand in Japan. The Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Museum is an actual brewhouse that was converted to showcase the original sake brewing processes and techniques passed through generations of artisans. We offer you a unique behind the scenes experience of how sake is made in olden times: from the implements used to the various stages in sake production explained in detail.

We will introduce you to the various types of sake and how to enjoy an exquisite cup of sake at the tasting area. This tour is a must for brewing enthusiasts as well as those curious about sake brewing culture. Kampai!

Tour Highlights

  • Walk inside the Sake Brewery Museum with the director as he explains the history of sake brewing and production processes.
  • Sake Tasting: learn about the different types of sake and how best to enjoy them
  • Visit the gift shop and see various sake-related products
  • Q&A

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