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Kurashiki Bikanchiku (Scenic District) – Walking Tour (18 Oct.)

Bikanchiku Walking
Date: 18 Oct.
11:00 AM-12:00 PM JST

This tour was conducted on 18 Oct. 2020.
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Witness the most picturesque merchant quarter in Japan!

Kurashiki, located in Okayama prefecture, was once the main hub for rice distribution during the Edo period. It is now a popular tourist haven because of its scenic canals that are lined with willow trees found in the Bikan district (Bikan-chiku), a name which translates to “beautiful views” in Japanese.

The city built these canals to let boats transport rice to and from its storehouses. Today, only the central section of the city's former canal system remains known as the Bikan Historical Quarter (Kurashiki Bikan Chiku).

Walking along the canal, visitors can experience the idyllic charm of the city with its former storehouses that have been turned into cafes, boutiques, souvenir shops and museums. Weeping willow trees line the canal and the stone bridges making for a picturesque scene.

Bikan-chiku offers a pleasant place to go strolling. The serene ambience of willow lined canals, together with traditional looking buildings, gives you a glimpse of simpler times as the city entices you with its old-world charm.

Tour Highlights:

  • Walk the willow tree lined canals of the city
  • See the old storehouses that have been converted to quaint cafes and shops
  • Explore the Bikan Historical Quarter and learn more about its history
  • Visit some of the house museums in the area and show you the features of the historical houses
  • Q & A

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