Marugame Castle Walking Tour (6 Dec.)

Castle Walking
Date: 6 Dec.
10:00 - 11:00 am JST

This tour was conducted on 6 Dec. 2020.
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Discover one of the twelve existing original castles in Japan!

Marugame Castle is a rare sight to behold. It is one of only twelve remaining castles that have stayed intact since the feudal ages. It is situated atop a small hill in Marugame City which provides a commanding view of the city and the surrounding areas including part of the Seto Inland Sea. It was originally constructed in 1597 but was torn down 13 years later due to a shogunate policy that limited only one castle per province. It was rebuilt again in 1660 when the province was split in two.

The castle is lined with high stone walls that resemble the shape of a Japanese folding fan. Access to the castle is through a steep road that spirals up to the top of the hill. The main building is located within the castle grounds which is now a large public area called Kameyama Park. The castle also houses a small museum that showcases its rich history. There are also a thousand cherry blossom trees lining the pathways and castle grounds which provide beautiful views in the autumn season.

Tour Highlights:

  • Be guided by a local expert around the castle premises
  • Enjoy the beautiful scenery from the top of the castle tower
  • Learn more about the history of the Marugame Castle and the surrounding areas
  • Q & A

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