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Authentic Japanese Ryokan: Nanten-en Tour (5 Oct)

Ryokan Guide
Date: 5 Oct
11:00 AM-12:00 PM JST

This tour was conducted on 5 Oct. 2020.
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Discover the Beauty of a Japanese Inn - Ryokan: Nanten-en

With the Ryokan’s Okami (landlady), we’ll introduce the very beautiful Japanese-style inn with a long history in Kawachinagano, located in the countryside of the southern part of Osaka, near Wakayama.

The Ryokan is a wooden house built over 100 years ago designed by the famous architect Kingo Tatsuno, and is a registered tangible cultural property by the national government.

The rooms retain their original design. The warm feel of the woodwork complements the elegant yet simple architecture, characteristic of Japanese aesthetic. It is an example of the much loved Japanese philosophy of “wabi-sabi.”

This Ryokan has a large Japanese garden in the premises. We’ll walk around and find the beauty of Japan at every corner. We will also guide you on how to enjoy a Japanese-style inn during our visit.

Tour Highlights:
- Introduce you to a Japanese inn: How is it looks like inside and out
- Show you the room facilities and amenities: How to use them
(Making green tea with a pot, Wearing room cloths Yukata, etc.)
- Guide you how to enjoy the Japanese Ryokan
- Walk through the pretty Japanese garden within the Ryokan premises
- Q & A

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