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Onomichi Part 2 ~ Shopping Street & Ramen

Walking & Food
Date: 19 Oct
13:00-14:00 PM JST

This tour was conducted on 19 Oct. 2020.
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Discover the oldie but goodie shopping street in Onomichi

One of the most famous destinations in Onomichi is the “shotengai”, or shopping street. It is lined with shops dating back to the post war Showa Era, and is a great site for shoppers and students of art and history.

The entire street is covered with a translucent roof that stretches over one kilometer from start to finish and continues to bustle with activity. The store front signs of the shops are reminiscent of old post-war Japanese typography which are a treasure trove for enthusiasts and students of graphic design.

Food lovers will appreciate the many cafes in the area where they can enjoy hand-drip coffee, as well as savor the Onomichi style ramen that is unique to this city.

Onomichi style ramen uses a soy sauce-based broth that is occasionally flavored with pork, seafood from the Seto Inland Sea, chicken, or dashi. It is served hot with flat wheat noodles of medium thickness and a generous serving of seabura - pork back fat.

Tour Highlights:

  • Travel back in time as we visit the old shopping street of Onomichi
  • Explore shops that date back to the Showa Era. We will bring you inside so we can discover unique local products and trinkets.
  • Introduction to local signature dishes including the famous Onomichi-style ramen. We will be sampling these delicious delicacies!
  • Q & A

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