Walking tour

Onomichi ~ A Scenic Port Town in Setouchi ~ Walking Tour

Walking Tour
Date: 19 Oct
9:30 -10:30 AM JST

This tour was conducted on 19 Oct. 2020.
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Be enchanted by the miniature garden city!

The city of Onomichi is a small port town located in Hiroshima prefecture. It is defined by its numerous slopes that are home to many artists from both literature and film.

The narrow streets of Onomichi are full of fascinating, quaint and quirky shops. Cat lovers would find delight at the town’s unusually high cat population, and their presence has influenced feline-themed art and merchandise found throughout the area.

Mt. Senkoji is another popular destination in Onomichi. Tourists can travel to its peak via the Mt. Senkoji Ropeway which gives you a spectacular view of the city. At the top of the mountain is Senkoji Park, known as one of the best cherry blossom destinations in Japan during the cherry blossom season.

Inside Senkoji Park is a Buddhist temple called Senkoji Temple. The temple was built in the year 806. Its vermillion lacquered main hall is symbolic of Onomichi.

Tour Highlights:

  • Take in the gorgeous views along the Senkojiyama Ropeway
  • Visit Senkoji - A temple with 1200 years of history. Enjoy great views from the temple premises
  • Walk along Neko no Hosomichi (Cat Alley). We will see many live cats and fortune stone cats on the street
  • Stroll on the beautiful stone pavements and take in the beautiful scenery
  • Learn about Onomichi City and its history
  • Q & A

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