Uji Matcha Tea Making Experience (Sep 16)

Uji city, Kyoto
Tea making experience
Date: 16 Sep
12:00 - 13:30 PM JST

This tour was conducted on 16 Sep 2020.
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Fukujuen Uji Matcha Tea Making Workshop

We'll participate in the Matcha making workshop and show you the process on Live!
This workshop will be conducted at Fukujuen, in Uji Kyoto.
Located beside the clear stream of the scenic Uji River, you will enjoy all about Uji green tea!

Tour contents:
- Talk about Uji Matcha Tea history and the tea making process
- Make Matcha green tea powder using a stone mill
- Learn how to make tasty matcha green tea
- Introduce the Fukujuen tea house facility
- Q & A

This live tour will be conducted in zoom.

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