Udon Making & Konpirasan Shrine Approach Walking (Sep 29)

Udon Making
Date: 29 Sep
15:00~16:30 JST

This tour was conducted on 29 Sep. 2020.
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Are you an Udon lover? Let's learn how to make Udon!

We'll walk an atmospheric Konpirasan Shrine approach and visit Nakano Udon School to learn how to make Udon.
The Udon school, Nakano Udon Gakkō will teach us how to make udon from scratch!

Konpirasan Shrine (formally known as Kotohiragū 金刀比羅宮) located 521 meters above sea level in Kotohira town, is the headquarter of multiple Kompira shrines, dedicated to sailors and seafaring. The approach to Kompirasan is an arduous series of 1,368 stone steps.

At Nakano Udon School, we'll learn how to make delicious Udon!
So please prepare yourself at home too, as we'll learn it on live!

Live Tour contents:
- Walk the Kompirasan shrine approach for a short while and drop by some souvenir shops
- Talk about Kompirasan history.
(Kompirasan is a dog-friendly shrine. -why? It was the Shrine + Buddhism temple previously but now is a Shine. -why?)
- Visit Nakano Udon School and learn how to make a delicious Udon!
- Q & A

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