Walking tour

Exploring Umeda Sky Building (Sep 23)

Building Exploration
Date: 23 Sep
18:00 - 19:30 JST

This tour was conducted on 23 Sep 2020.
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Exploring the Futuristic Building in Osaka!

This 170m high landmark building in Osaka has many interesting spots inside and out.
We'll explore fun and interesting spots like the little nature garden, retro theme restaurant street, art gallery, and the fantastic views from the observation deck at the rooftop!

Tour Highlights:
- Strolling around the Umeda Sky Building
- Walkthrough Takimi Koji- a dining and entertainment district with a retro atmosphere, reminiscent of Japan's 1920s.
- Visit the art gallery in the basement
- Take the lift and futuristic escalator to the observatory on the rooftop
- Enjoy the gorgeous night view
- Q & A

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