Once you purchased an upcoming live tour, you’ll receive a link (unlisted YouTube link) that you can access to the live tour. You can communicate over chat if you login to YouTube. – it’s highly recommended as real-time interaction is the real charm of Online Live Tour 🙂 

If you purchase a past tour, you’ll receive a URL link that you can access to the recorded live tour. 

At least four live tours will be held in a month. It could be more 🙂  

Don’t worry, you’ll have access to the recorded live tour afterwards. You won’t be able to ask questions or comment in real time, but you can still enjoy the tour. 

Just only $30/month, you can access to all the upcoming tours and past tours. In addition, you’ll be invited to our closed Facebook group where we share our behind-the-scene photos and videos. 

You can access to the live tours from the Facebook group as well, so it’s more convenient as it will give you a notification when the live tour starts. 
More details are here 🙂