About Me

About Me, Kazue

Im the administrator of Facebook Page: Japanese Language & Culture for the past 13 years. On the page, I share Japanese Language, Culture, News, Sightseeing info, etc. so far :)

I was working as a Japanese teacher for over 10 years in the States, Australia and Singapore. I was also conducting business culture seminars for corporate people at various locations. I started the FB page then, continued posting even after returning Japan. Currently I am living in comfy Kobe, Japan.

Due to the current corona pandemic, many people cannot go abroad freely nor visit Japan. So I thought I could entertain you with Live Tours of Japan.

This Japan Online Tour provides you with more organized live tours (than the FB page) in a new closed FB Group. So, you can join the tour at the specified time, to explore more about Japan.

Join the Live Tour. Feel Japan!

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