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About Me

Hi. I’m Kazue, the administrator of the Facebook page Japanese Language & Culture for the past 13 years. On this page, I share Japanese language lessons, culture, news, sightseeing and travel info, etc.

I worked as a Japanese teacher for over 10 years in the United States, Australia and Singapore. I also conducted business culture seminars for corporate clients at various locations. I started my FB page way back then and continued posting even after returning to Japan. Currently, I am living in the idyllic city of Kobe.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, many people cannot go abroad freely and visit Japan. So, I thought I could entertain you with virtual live Japan tours. I offer online streaming tours that are structured and organized via an exclusive FB Group. You can check out the schedule of upcoming tours and register to join.

With these live Japan tours, you can explore many aspects of Japan from ancient history to modern pop culture. My live Japan tours are highly interactive. You can send me a question through chat, and I will try to answer everyone’s queries.

As I am leading the live Japan tours, I will share with you interesting stories and fascinating anecdotes about the places we will visit. From time to time, I will be joined by guests who are enthusiastic about their city or town as well as artisans and experts eager to share their knowledge and passions.

My live Japan tours are not just about famous Japanese landmarks. I will also take you to filming locations of popular movies, quaint museums that celebrate the Japanese way of life, and charming restaurants frequented by many locals. My goal is to deliver unique experiences through high quality streaming videos that will make you feel as if you are with me here in Japan.

I encourage you to participate in my live Japan tours with your friends so you can bond and share memories together. I am sure you will also make new friends with other virtual travelers along the way.

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