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Testimonials from participants

Though traveling in person may be difficult or impossible at this time, Kazue-san and her Japan Live Online Tours is the next best thing! Here’s your opportunity to visit unique places, meet fascinating people and experience the wonders of Japanese culture, at the same time learning the language and customs. Moreover this is a “live” interactive experience. The tours occur live and you can ask questions of our guide, Kazue as well as her guests in real time. Kazue, your personal tour guide, shares her enthusiasm, intelligence and kindness, making your tour an enjoyable and memorable experience. This is truly a unique opportunity to travel and interact virtually in Japan, not just watch a boring video or documentary. I hope you join the group soon and catch the next exciting tour!                - Bill LaHouse (USA)  
Whether you have never visited Japan, or, like me, been there many times and everywhere, these tours are always fun, interesting, and informative; you get to see beautiful places and learn about the culture , food, and the language. Kazue San leads the tours accompanied by local knowledgeable guides to provide explanations and in-depth information. You can Explore Japan From Home online the tour live where you comment and ask questions as if you were actually there, or watch the recording later if you miss the live. Highly recommended!    - Ronen T. (USA)   
Kazue’s live walking tours give a wonderful insight into places and landmarks around Japan. They are a brilliant opportunity for us to continue to travel...virtually. I love listening to the mixture of Japanese and English used in the live and being able to ask questions - again in either Japanese or English - during or after the tour. I think this concept is innovative and clever.          - Miranda B. (Australia)  
Due to the restriction during this Covid-19 pandemic, and we cannot visit the beautiful Japan sites, Best online Japan Virtual Travel Tours in Japan has definitely brought delight to people like me, as if we are able to visit the actual again. Kazue-san even described the scent of the place, e.g. at one of the gates of the Osaka castle. It amazed me!            - Danny Ho (Singapore)

What is Online Japan Tour?


Discover online live tours, guiding you to the far corners of Japan!

Due to the current corona pandemic, many people cannot go abroad freely nor visit Japan.

So, We are now offering you live entertainment and showing you the current scenes of Japan and take you on the live tours somewhere else in Japan each time!

On each guided tour, you can feel like you are traveling in Japan from the comfort and safety of your own home.


And you can even ask the guide questions in realtime via chat!

In the New closed FB Group, you can join the tour to explore Japan even more in-depth and enjoy!


To join the tours, just subscribe to the Japan Online Tour membership. Then, you will be invited to a closed Facebook Group, where you can join all the Live Tours.


You will have access to all the past live tours, too. So, don’t worry, even if you miss a live tour. You can always catch up later at your convenience.


The membership fee is applicable but you can access to all the live tours (upcoming and past tours). To subscribe, please click the banner below.

How Japan Online Tour2
online travelHave you been itching to travel but the pandemic has left you stuck at home? Don’t worry, you can still satisfy your travel lust. Technology has allowed us to explore the world virtually and it is easier and more convenient than ever before. If you have Japan in mind, Japan Online Tour offers you a wide variety of virtual tours through our engaging and experienced local guide. Japan Online Tour is the leading hub that takes you on a fun and exciting journey without the hassle of booking your flight, packing your luggage and going through tedious airport security. All you need to do is sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home. You can even invite your friends to join our Japan virtual travel tours and create memories together as you discover a new culture. Forget your worries and bring your curiosity as we immerse you in the unique and best virtual tours in Japan.
online tour kyotoHas social distancing left you feeling disconnected? Are you tired of the usual movie night or endless scrolling through your social media feed? Our virtual travel tours offer you an engaging way to explore new places in Japan and meet other people along the way. Perhaps you are feeling a bit nostalgic from your last Japan trip? Then come join us at Japan Online Tour, the guided virtual tours and you can relive the fun moments and special memories you have experienced before all the travel bans have been put in place. We take you around bustling cities and the idyllic countryside. Our local guide will introduce you to interesting facts and hidden stories behind each destination. From lesser known nature spots to exquisite beaches, we capture the charm of every place that is worth visiting. Our in-depth look into various aspects of Japanese culture will give you new insights and a deeper understanding of Japanese history and its people. If you are an adventure enthusiast or thrill-seeker, you can expect that we go beyond the usual places of interest offered by other tours. Come expand your horizons and bring back the magic of travel as you explore Japan from home online.
During our online Japan tour, we use top-notch equipment to ensure we maintain the quality of our Japan live tours. We seek to make the experience as realistic and authentic as possible. We take you walking, hiking, driving or taking part in activities as if you were with us in person. To get a glimpse of what’s in store for you, please subscribe and browse our past tours. To stay updated on upcoming tours, please sign-up for our newsletter by registering from the right top of this page. What are you waiting for? Travel to japan online with us by subscribing today. We hope to see you soon!